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General Information
STERIGNOST Kinderwunschbehandlungs GmbH (hereinafter also the company) has drawn up the present data protection statement in order to inform visitors to the www.sterignost.at website about the terms and purposes of data processing. In particular, visitors and any person who makes use of the services offered on the websites, are informed, in accordance with Article 13 Italian Legislative Decree of 30th June 2003 No. 196 (Data Protection Code) about the processing of data. The present data protection statement relates exclusively to the aforesaid website and does not apply to linked sites, which may be visited by the users of our website.

The present privacy policy is an integral component of our website and of the services offered by us. To access the website and use the same, as well as to purchase the products offered on the website you are required to read and understand the present privacy policy. Should you not be in agreement with the present privacy policy, we would ask you not to use our website.

The company may amend or update the present privacy policy in whole or in part. Amendments and additions to the privacy policy may be viewed by all users in the privacy column of the website and are binding with effect from publication on the website. Should the user not be in agreement with the amendments, he may cease using our website. The continued use of our website and our products and services subsequent to publication of the aforementioned amendments and/or modifications shall be deemed acceptance of the amendments and acknowledgement of the binding nature of the new conditions. The website, www.sterignost.at, is the property of the company and is administered by the said company.

Types of data collection and processing purpose:

  1. Navigation data
    In normal use, the systems and software processes required for correct performance of the website collect some personal data, the transmission of which is part of the normal use of Internet communication protocols. These data concern information, which is not collected in order to identify the subject, but which by virtue of their properties allow users to be identified through the processing and compilation of data transmitted by a third party.
    This category of data includes the IP addresses or the names of domains, the computer used by the users of the website, the URI (uniform resource identifier) of the resources requested, the time the enquiry was made, the method used to make the enquiry with the server, the size of the file received as response, the status data of the response given by the server (successful, error, etc.) as a numerical code and other parameters with respect to the operating system and the user's computer environment.
    These data serve exclusively for statistical purposes and are administered solely in anonymous form, in order to ensure their correct function. The data may be also used to establish responsibility in the event of hypothetical breaches of IT law resulting in damage to the website. With the exception of this case, the aforementioned data shall not be stored for more than 24 months.
  2. Data supplied voluntarily by the users/visitors
    Data, which are transmitted by the visitor to the website, voluntarily and expressly for the purpose of using specific services (e.g. the newsletter, "work with us" service, etc.) and to the STERIGNOST Kinderwunschbehandlungs GmbH by means of e-mail enquiries, may be automatically registered, in which case the information is used exclusively for the services specified in the communication of the information.
    Your data are used for the purpose of responding to your specific queries, fulfilling contractual duties, tax or accounting duties, billing, debt collection and for compliance with the duties prescribed by the statutes in force.
  3. Cookies
    This website also collects personal data by means of the use of cookies. Further information on the STERIGNOST Kinderwunschbehandlungs GmbH Cookie Policy can be found on the following link: http://www.sterignost.at/hr/informacija/cookies/46-0.html

With the exception of navigation data the STERIGNOST Kinderwunschbehandlungs GmbH solely processes data, which has been submitted voluntarily and expressly by the user. If you refuse to transfer certain information, you may however find that you are restricted in the services offered.
Once the registration is made, the personal data are processed solely for the services specified in the communication of the information.

The visitor to the website may register for one or more of the following services:
  • Newsletter
  • Information on services or products, offers, enquiries etc.
  • Participation in various initiatives
  • Purchases of the products offered on the website
  • Announcing the visitor's interest in working with the company and/or responding to a job vacancy advertisement
  • Contacting the company using the form provided for this purpose

Visitors have the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter. If you register, all personal data pursuant to the information letter or for the purpose of data processing in accordance with the internal process for administering contacts are processed.

Visitors can send letters of application or reply to job offers via the STERIGNOST Kinderwunschbehandlungs GmbH – Job offers", section. If you register, all your personal data pursuant to the information letter and for the purpose of data processing in accordance with the internal process for HR administration are processed.
This service is subject to the user's express agreement, entered by clicking on the appropriate box, of the company's privacy policy.

Visitors have the opportunity to contact the company using the form provided for the purpose. If you make an enquiry, all your personal data pursuant to the information letter and for the purpose of data processing in accordance with the internal process for contact are processed.This service is subject to the user's express agreement, entered by clicking on the appropriate box, of the company's privacy policy.

Processing of personal data
Within the meaning of Article 28 of the Italian Legislative Decree of 30th June 2003 No. 196 (Data Protection Code) the STERIGNOST Kinderwunschbehandlungs GmbH, a company under Italian law, with registered office in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee Kärnten, Linsengasse 46, registered under number ATU53502204, is the rights holder of the administration and processing of all personal data, which may be collected via the aforesaid home page.
Personal data are processed solely within the meaning of the present data protection statement, by officers and employees of STERIGNOST Kinderwunschbehandlungs GmbH who are expressly appointed as authorised agents for the purposes of date protection processing. The employees have been appropriately trained in this respect and work under the direct supervision and responsibility of the proprietor of the data protection processing.
The responsible officer for data processing is the current manager of IT security for the STERIGNOST Kinderwunschbehandlungs GmbH. A current list of all data protection authorised agents may be requested by e-mail from the proprietor itself or from the data processing officer at

Disclosure to third parties
In no circumstances are your personal data disclosed unless statutory provisions require that they be submitted to a judicial authority or other corporate bodies and institutes.

In addition, the company uses the services of other companies and/or persons to perform specific services, such as sending e-mails, delivery of packages, the processing of payments. The aforementioned third parties have access only to those personal data, which are absolutely necessary for them to carry out their responsibilities. The company stresses that these third parties are forbidden from using the personal data for other purpose and are under a duty to use these data in conformity with the privacy policy and the statutory provisions currently in force.

STERIGNOST Kinderwunschbehandlungs GmbH does not intentionally collect sensitive or judicially relevant personal data via its website. Within the meaning of Article 4 Data Protection Code these are sensitive data on personal details concerning gender and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other views, political stance, membership of political parties, trade unions, associations or organisations with a religious, philosophical or trade union background, or information concerning health or sexual orientation. Within the meaning of Article 4 Data Protection Code judicially relevant data encompass those personal details, which may imply measures by virtue of Article 3 paragraph 1 letters a) to o) and r) to u) Decree of the President of the Republic No. 313 of 14th November 2002 entered on the Criminal Record, the Register of Administrative Penalties as a consequence of criminal offences and the procedures connected with this, or may imply status as an accused or suspected person within the meaning of Articles 60 and 61 Code of Criminal Procedure. We recommend that you do not enter such information on our website. Should this be essential (for instance in the case of assignment to protected groups of persons in the case of sending a curriculum vitae for the purpose of sending a job application, in reply to a offer of employment or in expressing interest in employment in our firm) we request that the specific declaration be sent by post. In this declaration please give your written permission for the treatment of the said personal and sensitive data.

Retention of the data
Information and personal data, which is collected on this website, including that which the visitor voluntarily submits, in order to receive informational material or other messages, by writing to the addresses given in the Contact section, are retained only for the period absolutely necessary to perform the required service. Once the service has been performed, all personal data are deleted on the basis of the data protection guidelines of the STERIGNOST Kinderwunschbehandlungs GmbH, subject to conflicting governmental requirements or retention required by statute.

Exercise of existing rights
The person concerned has at any time the right in accordance with Article 7 Data Protection Code to receive confirmation regarding the existence or non-existence of personal data and to discover the content and origin of these data, to check their accuracy and completeness and to request that they be updated or corrected. Furthermore he is entitled to require that data, which have been used illegally, are deleted, anonymised or blocked and to oppose the use of the said data at any time for good cause. For these purposes the person concerned must contact the owner of the data processing system or the data security officer via the e-mail address .

Data security
STERIGNOST Kinderwunschbehandlungs GmbH protects personal data by means of internationally recognised security standards and by means of processes, which make
  • unauthorised access
  • unauthorised use and dissemination
  • unauthorised modification
  • loss and inadvertent or unlawful destruction impossible.

Under-age users
The website of the company, which is regulated by the present data protection statement, is not intended for the use of minors. We are aware of the necessity that data concerning minors must be protected, particularly in the online environment. Therefore, we do not collect and store - except on an accidental basis - any data from under-age visitors.

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