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ready-to-use-injections: Orgalutran/Decapeptyl/Ovitrelle

Those are prefilled ready-to–use syringes with a small injection needle. Just remove the cover of the prefilled syringe.

The medication is injected under the skin (subcutaneous) of the abdomen. Gently squeeze the skin around the injection site with one hand about handle wide from the navel. With the other hand clean the injection site using a fresh alcohol swab and let the skin air dry for about one minute. Take the syringe into your hand and quickly push the needle in to the skin in a 30° angle. Depress the plunger in a slow steady motion and when all medication is injected count to five until you remove the needle. Using a clean alcohol swab apply pressure on the injection site if there is minor bleeding or discharge.

Ovitrelle and Decapeptyl have to be injected at the exact hour that can be found on your stimulation protocol. Please don´t change the injection time by yourself!

Orgalutran is generally injected over a period of a couple days. Please stick to always the exact same time of your injection during the whole therapy.

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