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Natural cycle

Back to nature
Every 10th woman is a so-called „low responder", which means that she only produces one to four follicles despite a high dosage of hormones. The woman's ovarian reserve is therefore poor.
Rather than administering even higher levels of hormones and in vain forcing the ovaries to produce more follicles, it makes more sense to take a step back and try and harvest at least one egg in an unstimulated or lightly stimulated cycle.

This egg is often superior to the fertilising capacity of eggs harvested in high-dosage cycles. Scientific studies have further indicated that the genetic and developmental competence of eggs aspired from spontaneous cycles are improved.

  • Cycles that produce one mature egg have at least double the pregnancy rate of stimulated low responders.
  • No or very little medication is required; elimination of side effects.
  • The egg has alone received all the ovarian support (hormone, nutrition) and was able to develop optimally; genetics are improved.

  • Requires much co-operation with the doctor. The cycle needs to be closely observed in order to select the best time for follicle aspiration (ultrasound, blood tests to determine hormone levels, and possibly a urine test to determine the LH level).
  • Patience is also required: Not every cycle yields the desired results. But it is usually only a matter of time until the optimal egg is released, and then there is a good chance of becoming pregnant.

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