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Estrofem 2mg/ThromboASS 100mg/Hormonkapseln/Prednisolon 5mg

Please find your daily dosage and the length of application in your stimulation protocol. It makes no difference if you take your tablets on an empty ...

Suprecur 0,15mg nasal spray

Please assemble your Suprecur nasal spray with the help of the leaflet provided in the package. Follow your stimulation protocol to know when and ...

ready-to-use-injections: Orgalutran/Decapeptyl/Ovitrelle

Those are prefilled ready-to–use syringes with a small injection needle. Just remove the cover of the prefilled syringe.

The medication ...

Cetrotide 0,25mg

Your package of Cetrotide contains everything you need for your daily injection. A prefilled syringe with sterile water, one ampoule filled with dry ...

Puregon Pen

To inject your daily dosage of Puregon you need a cartridge filled with Puregon and a Pen that allows you easy injection of the medication. The ...

Gonal-f Pen

Gonal-F Pens are available in three different sizes: 900, 450 and 300 International Units. The pen is preloaded with the injection solution, you only ...

Gonasi 5.000 I.U.

In your Gonasi package you will find one ampoule of sterile water and a vial with dry powder containing 5000 units of Gonasi which can be kept at ...

Merional, Menopur and Fostimon

Merional and Menopur are available in package sizes of 75 international units, Fostimon also of 150 units.

Pregnyl 5.000 U.I.

In your Pregnyl package you will find one ampoule of sterile water and a very similar looking ampoule with dry powder containing 5000 units of ...

Utrogestan capsules

Insert capsules deep in to the vagina even if only the oral route is described in the package leaflet. On the average 2 capsules are inserted three ...

Dreams which have come true

Happy parents give encouragement

Finally our baby!

Since our biggest wish - the one of finally becoming parents - didn't realize, we decided to undergo IVF treatment.
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Our baby!

Experience says it is a huge burden,
love says it is the greatest happiness,
we say that it is our baby!
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Should no one ever call me mommy?

I've tried to get pregnant for 6 years but it never happened.
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