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Gonal-f Pen

Gonal-F Pens are available in three different sizes: 900, 450 and 300 International Units. The pen is preloaded with the injection solution, you only have to adjust your daily dosage. Use the same Gonal-F Pen, if your doctor has not told you any other way, for the whole duration of your treatment or until it is empty. Gonal-F is either administered only the first 3 to 4 days or during the whole duration of your stimulation protocol. Please always keep the pen in the fridge, before, and during your stimulation therapy. (Remove the peel tap from the outer needle cap)
How to inject your daily dosage. First remove the pen´s cap and screw on one of the single-use disposable needles supplied with the pen, press the tip of the pen in to the outer needle cap and twist the pen clockwise until it is firmly attached. Check if there is an air bubble in the liquid. If this is the case, please remove the air bubble before you inject your daily dosage. Prime the pen by turning the red dosage selection dial clockwise until the desired dose of 25 units clicks into position next to the dosage arrow. Check the dosage in the small window. Remove (outer and) inner needle cap by gently pulling it straight off, hold the pen in the air with the tip of the needle showing upwards and gently tap the prefilled reservoir with your finger to let any air bubbles rise to the top. Keep the needle pointing upward and push in the injection button completely, a few drops of the liquid will appear at the needle tip. The dosage control in the window should again show “zero”. Now adjust your daily dosage. Check if you have dialled the correct dose. If by mistake you have dialled the wrong dose, move the dial to the correct dose by moving it forward or backward.

Gonal-F is injected under the skin (subcutaneous) of the abdomen. Gently squeeze the skin around the injection site with one hand about handle wide from the navel. With the other hand clean the injection site using a fresh alcohol swab and let the skin dry for about one minute. Make a fist clutching the pen and quickly push the needle in to the skin in a 90° angle. Press the red injection button with your thumb until it stops clicking with the same clicking noise with which you loaded your pen. Hold the pen in place for 5 seconds before removing the needle from the skin. It is very important to keep your thumb on the injection button while removing the pen. The dosage in the window should again show “zero” if you have injected your dosage correctly. Using a clean alcohol swab apply pressure on the injection site if there is minor bleeding or discharge.

Hold the pen firmly by the drug reservoir and replace the outer needle cap. Grip the outer needle cap firmly and unscrew the pen by turning it counterclockwise. Recap the Gonal-F pen and keep the pen in the fridge until the next injection is due. Choose a different site every day, but please apply your daily dosage always at the same time of the day.

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